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Top 10 Picnic Spots/ Hotels and Resorts in Silvassa to Enjoy Your Summer Holiday

As soon as summer arrives people start planning for their holidays. Whether it is with friends or relatives, it is the best way to keep oneself entertained and beat the heat in a playful manner. While you are on your way to planning for the tour, sanctity along with safety and serenity are the things that come into mind. If observed in a careful manner, Silvassa is the right choice.

In Introduction to Silvassa

As it is nestled in the Western Ghats it is has been recognized to be the perfect getaway destination. The capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, it shares its pristine borders with Gujarat. Its favorable location along with superfluous staying options makes it a good escapade option for kids as well as adults.

Top 10 Picnic Spots/ Hotels and Resorts

Below are some top rated destinations in Silvassa and for resorts and hotels in silvassa click here that must not be missed while on the tour to the place. They have been recognized to be among top rate picnic spots as well. They are:

Vanganga Lake – Being situated amidst Island Gardens, Vanganga Lake has been well known to offer paddle boat rides for its visitors. A highly peaceful setting made of flowerbeds along with lush green gardens all around makes it a serene spot for a picnic. Eateries on shores from the major magnet in terms of munching along with admiring the beauty.

Island Garden – After reaching the Island Garden, you will get spellbound for a few hours. Astonishing quaint wooden bridges along with pretty thatched huts and paddle boat rides will leave your kids dumbstruck. The sea of flowers within it provides an enjoyable spot for health freaks.

Hirwa Van Gardens – Literally implies to the Green Forest, the name is perfect in terms of providing a perfect description. Hirwa Van Garden has been recognized to be a well-recognized spot for the picnic. Among the lush green gardens, you will get lost in the midst of cascading waterfalls and highly colorful flowerbeds. Mesmerizing sights will keep you spellbound!

Dudhni – In recent years, Dudhni has successfully emerged to be a highly popular tourist attraction. The scenic landscape along with water sports has made the place a highly famous spot for a picnic. Situated at a distance of about 40 kilometers from Silvassa, Dudhni has proved to be an enchanting landscape to visit.

Jampore Beach – The Jampore Beach has been recognized to be a popular picnic spot that is situated towards the southern part of Daman. A highly secluded beach where you may easily opt for enjoying a highly safe swimming! It is mostly preferred as it offers a cool and pleasant weather that can be easily enjoyed by all.

Jetty Garden – The Jetty Garden is situated along the pristine banks of Daman Ganga River. The spot is famous for its highly attractive fountains, lawns, river, fun rides and abundant space for a picnic. You may hire the services of boat jetty to get an exposure to the place in a playful manner.

Nakshatra Garden – A well-maintained garden that comprises of a multitude number of sub-gardens along with a Lotus Pond with the bridge. There are canopies where you may sit and relax. The pristine beauty of lush green surroundings has made it a highly preferred spot for picnic and visit. The inclusion of clean drinking water and washrooms is another salient feature of the place.

Bal Udyan– A highly popular place for kids to enjoy at the best. Bal Udyan includes funny rides along with some entertaining items to keep children in an enjoyable state. If they desire, they may enjoy the summer picnic here with their family and friends.

Indra Priyadarshini Park – The Indra Priyadarchini Park has been recognized to be a peaceful retreat that is situated in the heart of the city. The lush green environment will definitely provide you a welcoming change from the daily monotony. You are most welcome along with your family and friends for a memorable picnic.

Khanvel – Located at a distance of about 22 km. From Silvassa, Khanvel renders an amazing array of the undisturbed stretch of Rolling Meadows. Being passionately decorated with terraced gardens, native style cottages and serene Sakartod River makes it a great spot for a picnic.

Thus these are some top picnic spots in Silvassa that are really enjoyable! Hurry up!…

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How Bhutan Group Tour Packages Saves a Cost?

If you plan to explore and experience the kingdom of Bhutan as a group or as a family then it would be ideal to choose the Bhutan Group Tours package or Bhutan Family Tours package.

The group size could be anything from four to a dozen to several dozens. But we must be informed in advance so that the necessary arrangements and logistics can be taken care of.

This would basically mean getting a seat on the two airlines that operate from Paro airport, confirming accommodation in hotels approved by the tourism council of Bhutan, arranging for transport vehicles and professional tour guides.

If it is a trekking tour then standard equipment and pack animals to transport food and other logistics need to be booked in advance.

Besides families, students from schools and universities have taken the Bhutan group tour package on study visits, exploration of Bhutan’s cultural heritage or trekking to the base of unclimbed Himalayan peaks.  Group tour package is also ideal for groups interested in adventure tours such as motorcycle excursions, mountain biking and rafting Bhutan’s snow fed rivers that have something to offer whether a novice or a professional. To get more info about tailored made bhutan tours visit bokar website

There is a standard discount scheme for large groups depending on the duration of stay and the size of the group. You can get more information on this from the Bhutanese travel operator you decide to come through.

Sometimes tour operators also offer schemes for individual travellers to join a group tour. Such group tours come in various packages in terms of length of stay and areas of interest.

Some bhutan tour packages offer a bit of both cultural sightseeing and short treks. Some packages have a defined focus such as a week long trek to the glacial lakes or a two week exclusive birding excursion that goes right across the country and to specific locations.

Others are focused only on cultural aspects and could be timed with the major cultural festivals in the country.

Let us know your interests and the size of the group and we can work together on a customised package to fit your schedule .

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